The college is proud of its central library, which has an excellent collection of books, journals and other reading materials. It fulfils the five fundamental laws of Library Science; namely

  • Books are for use
  • To every reader his/her book
  • For every book its reader
  • Save the time of the reader
  • Library is a growing organism,m,m,m,

  • Advisory Committee

    The library has an advisory committee with the Principal as the Chairperson and Professor in charge of library as Vice-Chairman and senior members of the faculty members.

  • Inter-library exchange through Internet- Yes
  • Computerisation of the library services - Yes
  • Ratio of library books to number of students enrolled – 25:1

  • e-Facilities

    The following e-facilities are available in our Library

  • N-List
  • E Bsco
  • e-Granthalya
  • e-resources
  • Odia Sahitya