Samanta Chandra Sekhar Autonomous College, Puri, is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the state of Odisha. Right since its inception in 1944, the college has consistently maintained an excellent performance record. The students as well as teachers of this college have achieved uncommon successes in various fields. The autonomous status of the college is telling about its commendable past performance. That apart, this institution of higher learning has been accredited Grade A by the NAAC during the second cycle of its assessment. As a recognition of its potency and performance, this college, of late, has been chosen by the Department of Bio-Technology (DBT), a central Government organization, to avail research grant under “Star College” scheme. The voyage of SCS Autonomous College in the ocean of time has remained nothing less than the voyage of an Odyssey. When the Indian freedom movement was at its highest ever peak in the 1940s and was moving towards a logical conclusive end, the Odysseus journey of this institution was flagged off in the year 1944, from the prospective and fostering premises of Puri Zilla School. At that original and auspicious point of time, the present name of this premier institution was of course, not there. At the time of its genesis, it was christened as ‘Puri College’. Facing many odds and adverse situations, the voyage has reached the triumphal state where it stands elegantly today with many a laurel to its credit.

During the first lag of its journey, there came a turning point in the history of this college in the year 1949 when it got rechristened as Samanta Chandra Sekhar College, Puri. The name Samanta Chandra Sekhar is not just a name like innumerable others of its sort. It is the name of an extremely eminent scholar and astronomer of the state of Odisha who hails from the home district of the college, Puri. Mahamahopadhyaya Chandra Sekhar Singh Samant Harichandan Mohapatra, the full name of the legendary Odia scholar, has not only enhanced the honour and glory of this institution but also ever since has ignited innumerable young minds which get magnetically pulled to this citadel of higher learning. This charismatic scholar has endlessly inspired and illumined as well a myriad number of budding talents to their full blossoming. In the long course of its onward journey, the institution has never taken any recourse either to complacency or stagnancy. On the contrary, it has moved increasingly higher and higher with renewed vigour and enthusiasm all along showing uncommon adaptability. It has firmly pledged itself to its sacred motto, sublime mission and lofty vision. As a mark of its upward movement, it acquired the prestigious status of a lead college of the state in the year 1990. Another milestone of its remarkable progress was set in the year 1999 when the University Grant Commission (UGC) of India accorded it with autonomous status. Besides, the UGC also has construed this august institution as one with enormous Potential for Excellence. As mentioned at the outset, Samanta Chandra Sekhar Autonomous College has been accredited with Grade A by the NAAC during its second cycle of assessment in the year 2017.

The progression-graph of the college is expressive of a steady upward trend along both the vertical and horizontal line. Insofar as its vertical line of progression is concerned, from its initial Intermediate/PU Programme, it has upgraded its mission by imparting UG and PG Programmes in a multiplicity of subjects as well as disciplines. Besides, the college has obtained permission to run M. Phil. Programme in a number of subjects. The highly qualified and scholarly faculties of the college are also actively engaged in pursuit as well as supervision of research at Ph. D. Degree level. The phenomenal horizontal line of progression is noticeable in its vast sprawling campuses and magnificent monumental infrastructures.

It is a fact that no institution can serve society long and serve effectively unless it keeps updating as well upgrading its prime institutional agenda and action from time to time. In keeping with the needs of the changing time and emerging challenges of human society, SCS Autonomous College has introduced various social-interest centric Programmes in all the three core disciplines: Arts, Science and Commerce. It runs Programmes in several basic Science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Geology. It runs IT related Programmes like Computer Science and professional ones such as BBA and MBA. Right since its inception, SCS Autonomous College has relentlessly marched ahead keeping pace with the time. This leading citadel of learning on the eastern frontier of the Indian nation continues to serve the nation and humanity at large as one bright star. With its firm pledging to the noblest mission and loftiest vision, this tall shrine of higher learning will continue to serve the humankind with increasing interest and enthusiasm in the years ahead.


The crest of SCS (Autonomous) college, Puri bears the Nilachakra of lMahaprabhu Sri Jagannath which stands for HUMANISM,TOLERANCE and UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD.The flag stands for SOCIAL EQUALITY and KNOWLEDGE IN TO ALL. The reader symbolizes advancement of learning and research in the field of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. THE SAILING SHIP REPRESENTS Odisha’s international maritime glory. The hill with the trees stands for the study of NATURE,MEDICINE,CLITAMOLOGY & SOCIOLOGICAL BALANCE. The Arunastambha, a culture religious edifice of Odisha placed in the middle represents RIGHTEOUSNESS and AWAKENING TO WISDOM. The motto "sa no buddhaya subhaya samyunaktu"(may he unite us all with a spirit of noble thoughts) stands for UNITY and INTEGRITY.