From the academic session (2005 - 06), semester pattern of examination has been introduced.

Attendance : A student should have 75% of attendance in the general lectures and practical classes in order to be eligible to be sent up for Term End Examinations. Cases below 75% attendance will not ordinarily be considered and would be detained. However, condonation may be granted to the extent of 15% in exceptional cases on production of medical certificate.

Promotion : A student to be promoted to the next higher class (both under graduate and post graduate) has to fill up the form for at least one semester and examination and pay the requisite examination fees, failing which his/her studentship shall cease and he/she will be debarred from continuing the course.

Pattern of Examinations

  • There shall be two semester end examination in a year.
  • Each theory paper in both term end/ semester exam carries 80% weightage of the maximum marks.
  • The question pattern in all theory papers shall be of unit pattern and contain entire course providing two questions (alternative to each other ) from each unit of the paper as prescribed in the course of studies.

Examinations for self-financing courses :

  • There shall be two semester examinations in each academic year.
  • The question pattern in all theory papers in each semester exam shall be of unit pattern and contain entire course providing two questions (alternative to each other) from each unit of the paper as prescribed in the course of studies.

Internal Assessment Examination :

  • For this session UG students shall appear two internal assessment test in each subject in each semester. The test carries 20% weightage of the total marks in theory. The PG students shall have term paper for first semester and seminar presentation and vivavoce tests in the second semester,.
  • There will be no internal assessment for practical in both UG & PG classes.

Pass Marks :

  • 30% in theory papers of each subject and 40% in Practical papers of each subject.
  • 36% in aggregate of all Honours & Non-Honours papers taken together.

Divisions :

  • 60% and above in aggregate in Honours subject - 1st Division in Honours.
  • 45% to below 60% in aggregate in Honours subject - 2nd Division in Honours.
  • Below 45% in aggregate in Honours subject and satisfying clauses, 1) 1 & 2 - Pass without Honours.

Award of Distinction :

  • A candidate who secures 50% of marks or more in the aggregate of all non-honours papers taken together in the first regular chance shall be declared to have passed with Distinction.
  • If a candidate fails to retain Honours, he/she shall be awarded 'Distinction' if he/she secures 50% of marks in the aggregate of all papers (both Honours and non Honours) taken together.
  • No 'Distinction' will be awarded if the candidate passes having availed himself of the benefit of Year Back Examination in non-honours papers.


  • If the examinees desire to represent on any question paper set for the examination beyond the scope of approved syllabus, they can do so collectively by indicating the specific discrepancies along with a copy of the question paper through the concerned Head of the Department with in three days of the representation, if any, with specific comments of the subject teacher concerned to the controller of Examinations within the above stipulated period.
  • No representation shall be entertained after the above stipulated time limit.

Examination Conduct Rules

  • The candidates should bring their identity cards and admit cards to the Examination positively. Any person found impersonating in the examination hall will be handed over to the law and order authorities to be dealt with under the provision of CR.P.C.
  • No candidate shall leave the Examination hall before the expiry of one hour after the commencement of the examination. Temporary absence from the hall for more than 5 minutes is a violation of examination rules and discipline. Such candidate will be punished as the Principal deems it proper.
  • Candidates should not create any noise or disturbance in the hall or misbehave with the invigilators. Such cases will be seriously viewed and it may amount to summary expulsion from the examination.
  • The candidates should not have any material other than pen, pencil or instrument box. The candidate should not mark anything anywhere in the answer book.Those in possession of incriminating materials will be booked under the Orissa Conduct of examination Act' 88. Such students are liable for expulsion for that paper only. This rule is applicable for all examinations.
  • Under no circumstance an Examinee reporting to the Examination Hall after 30 minutes of the commencement of the examination will be allowed to sit at the examination.
  • Infringement of the above rules or misbehaviour will render a candidate liable to expulsion from Examination hall or such other punishment as the Principal may deem it proper.