About Us


S.C.S. (Autonomous) College cherishes to fulfill the following aims and objectives for its students.



  • To enable students to compete and become successful in All Odisha and All-India competitive examinations.
  • To prepare students to join institutions of higher learning in India and abroad.
  • To cater to the all-round development of their personality so that they may display excellent traits in U .P.S.C., Defence and other interviews and acquire successful placements in life.
  • To develop a feeling of community life with love, friendship and fellow feeling for their college mates during their stay in the college.
  • To develop a sense of foresight into the fast challenging future and to augment their abilities to meet the challenges foreseen and unforeseen.
  • To develop an aptitude for self-learning so that they learn on their own in future when they pass out of this institution.
  • To make students conscious of the cultural heritage of Odisha and India and to contribute to its flowering by developing their innate talents in music, dance, drama, literature and sports.


S.C.S Autonomous College having a sprawling campus of about 27 Acres is located in the headquarters of PURI district in the state of Orissa Popularly known as Purusottam kshetra or Shree Jagannath dham.it lies between 19 0 -28 ‘ N Latitude to 20 0 -10 ‘ N latitude and between 81 0 -29 ‘ E to 86 0 -25 ‘ E longitude. It is situated at a distance of 64 kms. away from the State Capital Bhubaneswar. The College stands approximately 02  kms. away from puri Railway Station under the East Coast Division of Indian Railways. The college resembles Shantiniketan because of its sylvan setting and peaceful atmosphere.


Samanta Chandra Sekhar College, Puri, is one of the premier institutions of the state devoted to the cause of higher education. Situated in the holy city of Puri this citadel of learning had its modest inception as Puri College in the year 1944, which initially functioned in the building of Puri Zilla School. Gradually in a span of five years this college became one of the most prestigious institutions of the state attracting a large number of students from all over the state, because of high standard of teaching-learning package offered by the teaching faculty. Needless to say that the picturesque landscape of Puri lapped by the Bay of Bengal and nestled by lush green cocoanut, cashew and casuarinas groves lend this college the most serene and tranquil environment so conducive to any meaningful scholastic pursuits. Within that short span of time the academic performance of this college became so conspicuous that students from far and wide sought admission into this college and in response to the growing demand of the students this college was shifted to its own building, an 'E' shaped redbrick massive structure that in itself stands as an architectural monument, the 'E' signifying Enlightenment. The State Government most appropriately rechristened the college as Samanta Chandra Sekhar College as a fitting tribute to the eminent Odishan Astro-scientist Mahamohopadhyaya Chandra Sekhar Singh Samanta (1835-1934), who remains a constant source of inspiration for our young students. His bronze bust installed in front of the college continues to encourage and enlighten the young minds to strive to fathom as yet unexplored areas of knowledge and not to yield. With its mission to provide the benefits of higher education to the younger population of the State, to foster economic growth, to study, preserve and enrich the socio-cultural tradition of the region and explore and utilize the natural resources of this state for the benefit and the betterment of mankind at large, this college has made significant contribution since its inception. A recent survey of the Alumni shows that thousands of pass-outs from this college are scattered all over the country, who are the key persons who matter and who look upon this college as their sacred Alma mater. Initially this college started as an Intermediate college with teaching provisions in Economics, History, Mathematics, Logic and Sanskrit as optional subjects and English and Odia as compulsory Modern Indian Language. With the introduction of Degree Class in 1946 this college was elevated to the status of a first grade college in this state with provision of teaching in Honours in History, Philosophy, English, Economics and Mathematics. Intermediate classes in Science have also been started in the same year. In 1956 degree in science were introduced. Subsequently provisions for offering Honours teaching in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics were made available. Studies in Bioscience were introduced in the curriculum in the year 1964 and Zoology in 1968. Post Graduate courses in Economics, Education and English; M.Phil. courses in English, Odia, Commerce and Geography started in 2017. B.Ed. Courses (2 Years & 4 years) started in 2016.


The crest of SCS (Autonomous) college, Puri bears the Nilachakra of lord jagannath which stands for HUMANISM,TOLERANCE and UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD.The flag stands for SOCIAL EQUALITY and KNOWLEDGE IN TO ALL. The reader symbolizes advancement of learning and research in the field of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. THE SAILING SHIP REPRESENTS orissas international maritime glory. The hill with the trees stands for the study of NATURE,MEDICINE,CLITAMOLOGY & SOCIOLOGICAL BALANCE. The Arunastambha,a culture religious edifice of Odisha placed in the middle represents RIGHTEOUSNESS and AWAKENING TO WISDOM. The motto "sa no buddhaya subhaya samyunaktu"(may he unite us all with a spirit of noble thoughts) stands for UNITY and INTEGRITY.